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Thread: Hi from USA (Indiana)..

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    Default Hi from USA (Indiana)..


    My husband and I are US citizens and we are starting the process to immigrate to NZ. I am here to find support and education on the process. So far has been overwhelming. We have 2 girls 12yo and 18 months. We are currently trying to fill out the EOI form.

    Looking to also find a consultant in the future if we are accepted.

    I am glad to have found this forum and hope to meet new friends

    My husband is a chiropractor and I am a nurse. We are filling out the form to immigrate under the category of skilled migrants, but not sure if that is the correct way to go, as my husband is wanting to expand his Functional Medicine practice to NZ. Would there be another category if he is not working for another comany/employer in NZ?


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    Welcome to the forum, Joy.

    If your husband would prefer to start his own business in NZ, he could look at this . It can be a bit long-winded because he would need to practice on a work permit for a couple of years first before applying for residency once his business has operated successfully during this time.

    Other than that, you should do well applying under the Skilled Migrant Category with either or both of your jobs. Once your husband got his residency via that route, there should be nothing stopping him from opening his own practice there although I'm not sure if he would first need to register with some medical body, the same as nurses need to register with the Nursing Council.
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