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Thread: Just moved frm UK to NZ, Te Awamutu/Otorohanga area and looking for friends/support

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    Default Just moved frm UK to NZ, Te Awamutu/Otorohanga area and looking for friends/support

    Hi everyone
    I'm female and 35 and I've just moved over to NZ from England with my Kiwi partner and am living in Otorohanga and working in Te Awamutu in an administration position and been there about 8 weeks so far.
    I just wondered if there are any other people in the area who are new and feeling a little unsettled and needing a little support to settle in like myself.

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    It's very early days yet, Clairelouise, so I hope you can make some good friends which will go a long way to helping you settle. Just take one day at a time. Once the winter is over, people will emerge from their shells and things will get better.
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    Default Hi ClaireLouise,

    So you moved to New Zealand last October...
    I moved to Auckland in September 2008 and had to wait to start work until January 2009. When I started work I had the same feelings as you described in your other thread, it is a bit difficult at the beginning, for me it was very hard because English is not my first language.
    But after 6 months it was alright. The first year was the hardest I have to admit, now being here the second year it is better, but I have to tell you honestly, you have to get out there to interact with people because they do not come to you. I am lucky because my husbands friends are also my friends now but I am still struggling to find my own friends because I am not out there enough and always relying on his friends which is not really a good thing because you always need your own friends as well...

    All I can say is be patient and it does not happen from one day to the other....
    It takes time to find people you can really conect with...I have no idea where you live, even my New Zealand husband did not know this village, must be really you think your partner would move somewhere else with you where you have more change to get amongst people?

    Hope everything goes well for you!
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