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Thread: Move Now, Apply Later??????

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    Default Move Now, Apply Later??????

    Hello All,
    I am Nephi Hatcher, 30 in May, and an unqualified English serial entrepreneur.
    I married a New Zealander, who is desperate to go back, and actually over there right now. Her family is there (Christchurch), but mine is here.
    I got a phone call this morning saying she is to start talks with her brother in law's solicitor that got him over, but the advice so far is to move over and apply once over there. I'm quite dubious about this, and my Points indicator only scored 130, which leaves me with even further concern.
    My situation is in brief; Enough money to live modestly for about a year if I had no income. Access to equity funding in excess of 50. I have 5 businesses that can provide an income whilst I'm over there, and my obvious choice would be to start up businesses & invest in property in New Zealand.
    If anyone can help as to which way is best, or if anyone is looking for a possible partner, please let me know. I would rather apply, get accepted and then move. My wife is starting to like the idea of move over apply later. I guess I'm going over on sponsor, but I'm complete novice, only starting my research today!

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    Hi Nephi,

    I don't know enough to advise you about which way to go, but 130 points without a job offer sounds reasonable for an EOI selection on the skilled migrants route. Take a look at the link below for info on what has been selected recently

    Immigration New Zealand - Latest News

    However, that's really for people that intend to get a job.

    You would still qualify for a Working Holiday Scheme on an age basis, but it doesn't sound to me that's what you're after. I'm guessing you don't intend to work for anyone else?

    I got the impression that investors needed a little more capital than you've described (unless you meant 50 million) but I confess I don't know where the boundary between working/investing/entrepeneurship is.

    My guess would be that the family sponsor route would be most suitable unless you can get through on essential skills, best keep investigating.

    Good Luck,

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    Default Sponsorship

    I think after my readings today sponsorship will be the best way to go, as we won't need a job or income immediately.

    I wish 50m, but my small businesses apart from the Subway franchises are all very low investment money spinners. It seems I can do pretty much the same things in NZ as over here after reading Part 8 of the living guide

    I guess I was hoping to score more points by bringing businesses to NZ.

    Anyone's 2 pence is appreciated, and I'd really like to know if anyone is going down the route of moving over and applying whilst on the 6 month visa?

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    Sounds like you have several options, Nephi. I'm not sure whether your job title is on the Long Term Skill Shortage List or your lack of qualification in that area would permit you to apply under the Skilled Migrant Category. If it does, then 130 points is a pretty good score.

    Partnership Category
    Long Term Business Visa
    Family Stream which is similar to the Partnership Category and allows you to get a Work Permit and stay in NZ while you sort out your residency application.

    If you want to get to NZ pretty quickly and then sort out a more permanent visa when you're there you could look at a Working Holiday Visa which gives you up to 23 months in the country or you could go on a normal visit visa for up to 6 months.

    It's your choice really whether you want to go quickly on a temporary visa or stay in the UK until an application under Family Sponsorship goes through (which can take some time) or you try the LTBV route which involves quite a bit of documentation.
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    We came over on a working holiday visa which meant we could be here for one year (I think it's 2 years now) and work. We found jobs and applid through the skilled mogrants category and got work permits in the meantime so we could work long-term, and that was 6 years ago now. It took a year for our app to be processed but we were here and living during that time so that was fine.

    I think that wuld be the best way for you - working holiday to get you here for 2 years and apply for sponsorship on your marriage once you're here.

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    Default Hello,

    How long have you been living together in the UK?
    I came here on a 6 months visitor visa and as soon as I arrived here I applied under partnership for a work permit which took 2-3 months to be processed.(that was because it was over X-mas time, usually it is faster).
    Then after 12 months living together I applied for PR under partnership and got it approved after 8 months.

    You can come here and apply for the work permit and PR under partnership at same time if you have already been living together for 12 months. the work permit allowes you enough time until you get PR.

    Cheers, Anita
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