1. 1happywoman
    I've managed to find one or two people from parts of the US on here, and hope that maybe this group might be a way for us to get together and get to know each other.
  2. Ideabaker
    Hi, I currently live in NY but am in a relationship with a Kiwi man and am here for eight weeks this visit (in Northland). It is my eighth time over and I am looking to move here. Have no idea where to start, but did get my teaching certification for NZ and am researching the rest. Do you live in NZ?
  3. 1happywoman
    No, I'm not in New Zealand, yet! I will be leaving the US on Monday, August 4th. I have never been to New Zealand, so this is a totally new adventure for me!

  4. selchie
    Hello. I just nosed around behind the forum and found this group. We'll see if ever we make the move.

    ...So by now you've been in NZ a week, Susan. How are you loving it?
  5. 1happywoman
    I do like it here! I am a little tired of moving around though, and after a month, I'm looking to be settled with my partner around Hamilton. (We have moved twice - and in the process, have helped two flatmates move.) It will be nice to not be living out of a suitcase, and getting started on a job.
  6. shabbichik
    Hi, we live in Delaware and are hoping to move to NZ. Any suggestions?
  7. m.brad.russell
    Hi all -
    My family and I live in southern California. We are hoping to move to NZ within a year. My wife is a Teacher and I am a Systems Engineer. We are looking to live just north of Auckland. We are in the midst of trying to get a home exchange together to test the waters for a year or so before selling our home here. We have two children ages 6 and 10.
  8. juliusjow
    I currently live in AL, Got PR stamped on my passport and has to land by 1st of Feb 2009, planning to make the move in Jan to Wellington. Lined up some interviews but no job offers yet.
  9. nevans13
    I am trying to move over to Auckland to be with my boyfriend. I don't have a job, and it looks like I can't get a resident visa without a job offer! How do most people get over initially? I've been told to go over with a visitor's visa (but I can't work with that) and then have my boyfriend sponsor me as his "partner" for a work permit. Has anyone done something similar? Help!
  10. Richard Moewe
    How good is a 130,000NZ salary? What percentile would this be in?
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