Still in England

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  1. Banjo.Jon
    I can't believe we are the only 2 still stuck here in the UK. Most unfair.
  2. keeweegal
    Well, if you change the name from Engerlund to the UK, I'll join!
  3. nickydwuk
    That makes 3 of us still in old Blighty. 4 months, 3 weeks & 3 days to go - not that I'm counting or anything!!!
  4. zummerzet_lou
    Well, hopefully not for much longer?

    According to their "guidelines" we should have a decision on our PR within a month ... and then we can get those plane tickets booked. Bit scary,, but (in Dawns words) vair, vair exciting!
  5. nickydwuk
    Getting closer lou. How is the packing going? We have just over 3 months to go and it is doing my head in. I want a fairy to come along and sort all the junk out for me.
  6. Ginabridget
    when you've finished with the fairy nickydwuk pass them over my way, I could definitely use their help to sort through all the crap I've accumulated over the last few years, at the moment I'm struggling to part with a very cheap but sentimental duck popcorn maker....
  7. nickydwuk
    Haven't found a fairy yet. We found 3 old kettles, a coffee maker and 2 old vacuum cleaners in our loft that we had 'kept, just in case...' but no duck popcorn maker. Sometimes you have to override sentiment - not easy. We have been ruthless but still seem to have loads of stuff.
  8. dawnuk2nz
    Hello, thought I'd join u! Just going through the processes, we have our visas but are trying to sort out our dog, anyone else have advise on that issue? Nice to meet u both, if u r both still in Uk, we are flying in on the 18th August.
  9. nickydwuk
    Hi Dawn, we are using Golden Arrow to ship our dogs out. They are not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive but do come highly recommended. They will send you all the details of what you need to do with your dog and what tests and when. The main thing is to make sure he is microchipped. We fly out to Christchurch on 19th Sept.
  10. band_blue

    thought I would join the crowd. We are still going through the process - medicals fairly soon. Have a job offer in Dunedin and expect (hope) to be off at end of September beginning of October.

    So much to do
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