I'm a Kiwi living in the U.S. My son has NZ citizenship by descent. He and his wife (and 3 kiddos) are thinking of spending a few years living and working in NZ.

My son can sponsor his wife and family for permanent residency in NZ which requires that my daughter-in-law have police and health certificates.....and this process will take about ten weeks. I read here that the three kiddos (age 10, 8 and 1) will also need health certs (no chest x-ray required) and no police cert required for them. My daughter-in-law does not want to go if there is a long waiting period before she can work. I called the NZ Embassy and was told that when entering NZ as a permanent resident, she can work right away.

My question: How long does it take to be granted permanent residency? As I right in assuming that for a non-kiwi family sponsored by the kiwi husband (or wife) that once they have their health/police certs submitted and ok'd - that they can then enter the country as permanent residents with no waiting period beyond the ten weeks?

Many thanks.