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    Question Nursing Registration

    I have a question about registration at Nursing Council of NZ. Im from Belgium and need to know if someone das have experiences with Verification Request. We donít have any written proof of registration as nurse in BE, it is just a mark on our diploma that can tel. So if he authorities fill in this verification request the job is done. Isnt it? And of course I send the certified copy of my diploma with the application. Or doe I need to do something else too?

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    Is there some official document that explains that you are "registered" by the appearance of this mark on your diploma? I know the nursing council deals with many different countries, so maybe including an "official" explanation with your certified copy of the diploma will help.

    In my case, as proof of registration in the US, I sent a certified copy of my nursing license. However, the Ohio Board of Nursing stipulates that one must write "copy" on the copy of the document in bold black ink. So, I sent a copy of the rules that explain this with the certified copy of my license.

    Good luck with the Nursing council!
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    I dont have anything written down but I allready asked for an evidence from Be ministry of public health. I hope it wil be ok.
    Another thing I realised today is that my school wil send Transcript request form to NZ in Dutch. I dont know whot they wil do with it. I can not send it, it has to come from school directly.
    Have a nice day

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