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Thread: Not sure what to make of this...

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    Default Not sure what to make of this...

    Just received an email from my CO. Not sure what to make of this---I know it is a good thing, but what happens after the CO finalises one's application? Do they send it to another CO for verification? Just don't want to get too excited just yet.

    "Now that your husband's medicals have been cleared through our assessor, I can now proceed with your application. Can you please scan and email me the following additional info, so that I can finalise your application today:

    Your recent payslips.
    Confirmation letter from your employer of current and ongoing/permanent employment."

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    Don't get too excited - they just want more information. No decision has been made. When they get all this information, they will put it all together and then make sure they have everything they need and if it all looks good, you move on to the next round. It is good news in that it sounds like they are winding up things for approval. And hope they don't switch your CO in the midst of things. or the new CO may want other information!

    Best of luck!
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