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Thread: Finding rented accommodation with a dog

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    Smile Finding rented accommodation with a dog


    My wife Nickie and I are moving over to New Zealand April/May this year and are planning to take our Jack Russell Scrumpy along.
    We need to find pet friendly rented accommodation (furnished) for around $300 p/w within commuting distance of Auckland.

    If anyone can offer advice or have experienced moving their dog to New Zealand we would be very grateful.


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    Welcome to you both.

    To give you some guidance on getting your dog to NZ you will find a bit of info here and here although I'm sure there are a lot of other threads on this topic because it's a very popular one. You could try search 'Dogs' or 'Pets' and see what you come up with. I think the general opinion is to approach landlords personally, taking along your dog as well, so he/she can see the size and character of the dog for themselves. Property agents will probably block any attempts to home your pet because it's easier to say 'No' to pets than for them to have to negotiate with landlords on the matter. I'm not sure how it is with the rentals market at the moment but it could be that landlords are finding it a bit tough to rent out and you may be lucky.
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    Default Renting & dogs


    i think mb has a point here about rental availability

    i've been tracking properties to rent with pets for 6 months now ( hawkes bay region) and have noticed that of late an increase in availability

    also a lot more properties have been on the market well past their available date

    try trademe there seem to a lot more there

    good luck


    ps who are you using to transport your dog?

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    I have a property to rent in Oxford, nr Christchurch that we would be happy to let with dogs (ours lived there for a year with us). Probably unfurnished places may be more likely to allow dogs - less risk of damage etc...
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