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Thread: Applying for residency under partnership question

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    Default Applying for residency under partnership question

    Hi to everyone, hopefully someone can enlighten me on my query. My partner and I have been married since the 31st of January 2009. We married outside NZ by the way. Then I had to go back to NZ on Feb 20, 2009. She obtained her 12 month work visa on the 29th of July but arrived here only on the 20th of September. So we aren't in the same country from 20th of Feb 2009 to 20th of September 2009. Since were married for a year now, can she apply residency now or have to wait until after September 20, 2010?

    Thank you very much.
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    Hi, I'm a resident under partnership and as far as I know you have to live together for a year..... and I recommend you to add her name on your bills like power or phone so you will have prove that you have been living together when the moment comes to apply.... I wish you luck


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    So it is a requirement that she prove that we are living under one roof for a year? So.. for her to be granted residency, she has to apply residency on or a couple of months before September 2010 ? I am still confused. Isn't the reason for immigration only grant 12 month work visas to partners of NZ residents and citizens because they eventually convert it to PR?

    If we try applying now, would there be a chance that we waste 700 bucks? And also, is it recommended to apply work permit extension along with residency application even though visa won't expire within 4-5 months?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you read through this you will see that there is an option for those couples who haven't been together (or, in your case, lived together) for the required 12+ months. This only applies if you are either a kiwi or a NZ resident permit holder.

    If you have been in this relationship for less than a year, initially we can only grant you a work visa or permit for up to 12 months. Once you are here, you can apply for further work permits for a total stay of up to two years from your arrival, if:

    * you and your partner want to stay longer in New Zealand and can show us that you are still in a genuine and stable relationship, or
    * you apply for residence as a partner
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    hi there!
    Yes it would be best for you to apply for an extension of her work permit at the same time as you apply for PR.
    But you will have to wait until you have actually lived together for EXACTLY 1 year! not 1 day less as they ll make u go
    through a whole lot of s*** ! I ve applied 9 days short before and I tell u it s not worth it!

    So wait until she has been with u for the full 1 year, then apply for both the extension and her PR .
    Yes you are very likely to be declined the application if u put it in now and would have wasted your $700!
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