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Thread: The waiting game.....

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    Smile The waiting game.....

    I submitted my EOI on 30th Jan and have secured myself 5 job interviews and will be arriving in NZ on 2nd March for 2 weeks. I cant wait to hear from immigration and so hope it's good news.

    Am I right by thinking that if the EOI comes back as a no, that if I secure a job offer then I might get WTR?

    We would of got over 180 points with my husbands skills and degree, but I am the one who needs a job now as I was made redundant in Jan, so we thought I should be the lead applicant but this only gave us 120 points. If all goes to plan then I would go over there first while he finishes some more studys and then hopefully finds a job to join me next year. Could INZ just grant me a WTR visa and then my husband would have to apply next year?

    Also how long will the EOI stay in the pool if I am not successful first time? and can I make changes to it after it's submitted?

    That's my rant over........

    any help with the questions would be great x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carts1976 View Post
    Am I right by thinking that if the EOI comes back as a no, that if I secure a job offer then I might get WTR?
    I guess it depends on why INZ have said 'No'. There can be several reasons why the EOI might fail. If it was because you didn't have enough points, then a job offer would come in very handy to bump up your points and help you on your way to PR. It wouldn't necessarily mean that you would have to apply for a WTR visa. Your application would stay in the pool for up to 6 months.

    If you get a job while your application is in the pipeline, you can notify INZ of the job offer and they will amend your points. Sometimes, if you don't have a job offer, INZ will offer you a WTR visa and defer your PR for 9 months to allow you some time to find a job and settle into it. I'm not sure from your post if you are applying directly for PR with your 120 points but are hoping to start work in the near future. It can take quite a few months for the application process to go through and the less points you have the longer it could take. You wouldn't be able to start work without some kind of work visa in hand. If you found a job offer and wanted to start work a.s.a.p. you could apply for a temporary work visa to cover you while your PR application goes through. I can't tell if the WTR visa you are hoping to get if your EOI fails is the one you can apply for yourself. It's very confusing that there are 2 visa types both called WTR - one is what INZ may offer you if they want to give you extra time to settle in NZ before giving you PR, the other is one that you can apply for yourself where you have to work for 2 years before getting your PR (unless you find you can meet all the requirements before that time.)

    I hope I'm not confusing you but I'm just trying to establish that we're talking about the same WTR visa . If you are talking about the one where you apply for it yourself, then your husband could make his own application separately when he's thinking about joining you. If you are granted the other kind of WTR where INZ have deferred your PR for 9 months, I think you must travel to NZ within 3 months but I'm not sure offhand if your husband has to go with you to activate your visas. Sorry, it's getting late at my end and my brain is failing me . Perhaps someone else can fill in the blanks.
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