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Thread: Info on NVQ level 3 and 4 qualifications

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    Default Info on NVQ level 3 and 4 qualifications

    Hi all,

    I have looked at the NZ immirgration website and cant see any info on NVQ's at level 3 and 4, and to gain a few more points on my application I could really do with finding out if they are relevant or not please.

    I have also checked out the NZQA website but think that $740 to have them assessed it a bit steep and as much as the perm residency visa application alone.

    Does anyone know if a NVQ level 4 in Management with the Institute of Leadership and Management gains me any points under the skilled migrant application please? and I also have an NVQ level 3 in Engineering Assembly from EMTA awards Ltd.

    I would be applying for perm residency and looking for a position as a Senior Consultant for a Recruitment Agency, as I currently have just over 9 years of experince as a recruitment consultant and manager. Which is currently classed as a skill level one part A.

    If anyone could help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Take a look through here to see if you can find the info you need. If your qualification was for teaching, you would need NZQA assessment regardless.
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