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Thread: Went on Holiday to NZ...

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    Default Went on Holiday to NZ...

    And loved it!

    Landed in Auckland first. The weather was great, the locals were friendly! Even had a scottish guy at immigration looking at the passports.

    I like Auckland a lot. Checked out all the main attractions and some of the suburbs like Ponsonby and Parnell plus numerous others. I stayed in the city centre near the sky tower. Was surprised to see the number of East Asian and Indian folk there, i thought NZ was strict on immigration, most of these guys were doing the poor jobs and could hardly speak English. Did plenty of walking, went up One Tree Hill, Mt Eden and just generally walked about a bit to get a feel of the city.

    Hired a car and went to plenty of places around Auckland. Went to devenport on North Shore and drove further north past Auckland to some great beaches. Went down to Rotorua and checked out all the Geothermal stuff. Did plenty of walking to see some amazing features.

    Ended up in Wellington where is was tipping it down, just like home! I can see why they call it windy Wellington, it was pretty strong as well. Really liked the feel of Wellington instantly as loads of people offered to help as soon as i got a map out to see where i was. Wouldnt not get that kind of friendly treatment in the Uk. Kiwi's are so laid back, i love it. People just doing their own thing not caring about what others think. Had a meeting in Wellington with some Brits who moved over who do the same job as me to see how they made it. They were very helpful and put me in touch with their boss who i also got to meet. So now they know my face, just got to get those applications in whenever a job comes up now.

    Walking up Mt Victoria on a sunny day to get some amazing views was my highlight in wellington. Didnt realise that Wellington roads were so crazy. Some of the suburbs are literally up in the clouds! So many hills. That coastal road at Houghton Bay was scary, those bus drivers like to put their foot down!.

    Didnt want to go home. Now that i have had a taste of NZ life i want it so much more. Definitley going for it now even more so when i see something i can apply for!


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    Glad you enjoyed it downunder, Kazz. Sounds like you had a very energetic holiday with plenty of exercise. At least now you know what NZ is like and your feelings are very positive. Good luck with moving forward on this.
    Mother Bear

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