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Thread: confussed about moving our things???

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    Default confussed about moving our things???

    Hi all,
    well the house is now going up for sale every little step is a big step closer to being in NZ and we all cant wait.
    We have been looking at moving our things and have decided not to take our big stuff beds furniture etc as we need new kids beds and a new 3 piece, all our electricals are staying with the house so there is only personal stuff to take across with us.
    We are unsure about how we get this from here to there!! We think a container is way to big as we are really going to get rid of most of it , we thought with it taking 3 months to get it over then we would have to buy things anyway so may as well start a fresh once we are in NZ. do companies move just boxes of things or would we have to air mail it???
    soory I know this sounds a little dim but we have so much to learn yet!!!
    thanks for any help

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    I know many have done exactly as you plan yo do, but please do some sums first.

    Whilst it seems great to "start again" but it costs a fortune!

    We shipped all our stuff - well, nearly all our stuff, and I still regret leaving so much behind! We had approx 6 weeks without anything apart from suit cases, so had to buy lots of basics - cooking, cleaning, bedding. We didn't go overboard, but boy did it cost a fortune! Take a look under your kitchen sink and quickly tot up how much those dusters, cloths, shoe polish etc cost .. and then you may get an idea what you're letting yourself in for.

    As a said, people do come here with the bare minimum and do OK, but please take a moment to consider.

    As for your question - you can get it shipped akin to having a container done. The removals people will do a few boxes for you ... it may take a while longer though as they wait until they have enough boxes from several people to fill a container.

    Also, you can get them individually shipped, but it is more expensive.

    All the best, Lou
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    Default Ship!!Ship!!Ship!!

    I have to agree with "ship everything you can".
    Not sure where you are moving from but things are expensive and if you already have it you should ship it.
    We moved from the States and shipped a whole container but left some stuff behind. BIG MISTAKE.
    Especially kidís stuff is expensive so I would highly recommend you ship!!

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    We regret not bring most of our stuff too. Besides the cost of getting them again, its a hassle to hunt for and buy all those stuff again especially with little kids. And some of the things/tools might not get here or even more exp.
    Eg. I could get nice stackable tray with less than $6 back at home country but have to spend $15 or so for the same thing. Even small thing like s-hook took me quite some time to find (only seen it in one $2 dollar shop).
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