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Thread: Things are going to happen

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    Smile Things are going to happen

    Hi all,
    again thanks to everyone who bothers to read reply my post.
    The estate agents have been in and the house goes up for sale in a few weeks!!!
    EOI filled in but not submitted yet as we want to concentrate on he house first, we xxare pretty sure we will get an ITA as we have 135 points and we have had one before.
    Next job is to reasure the kids!! well my daughter really shes worried about school, she is just sitting her GCSE's at the mo and leaves in May 2010, will she still be able to get in to the education system in NZ? not sure how it works with her due to leave but she is aiming for A's all the way in her results as she got B's last year in mocks. will she go into college or school? can anyone advise about this please as it will have a big impacked on our dream move, cant leave her if she will not get into the education system over there.
    Thanks again
    Tracey xx

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    I don't know if you can find any relevant information about how the NZ education system works on here. You could also explore the various links on our website list under Education Related Sites. I don't see any reason why your daughter wouldn't be able to continue her education when she's in NZ.
    Mother Bear

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    Thanks mother bear some bedtime reading for me

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