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Thread: Is there jobs for me????

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    Default Is there jobs for me????

    Hi all,
    Just want to say thank you first for all the help so far x

    I am a nursery nurse in England and have been for 10 years. I have run my own nursery class with 30 chuldren aged 3-4 years in a primary school. I am currantly doing my Foundation Degree in Early Years which will be completed by the end of march 2010. when I have been looking on job site for simular posts it doesnt seem to show anything for my role. All the jobs are advertised as "teachers" for certain ages. I am a little worried as I dont want to move then find out that the last 10 years and 3 that I have been doing my degree dont count!! I know it sounds a little silly but can anyone help? I have had my other quailifactaions verified at level 4 but cant have my degree verified as I have not completed it yet. thanks again for all the help

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    Have a look at this Ministry of Education website overseas trained teachers - teaching opportunities.
    One comment there is:'At this point there are no UK ECE qualifications that are equivalent to 3 -year NZ ECE diploma or degree.' - ECE stands for Early Childhood Education.

    Also on that site, look at Step 1 (of 4): Have your qualifications assessed.

    Here is some information on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website regarding Applying for an International Qualifications Assessment.

    Perhaps someone who has gone through this process with a similar qualification can help?

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    :thank you people space,
    i have had my other qualifications assessed but until I finish my Foundation degree in early years in March 2010 I have not got the papers to assess them.#I have seen lots of ads for ECE 2Teachers" but I am not a teacher and have not got my BA honors. I teach early years but in England because statatory age is 5 you dont have to be a teacher to teach, if that makes sense!!!!
    as soon as i get my papers i will get them verified to see what they stand for. thanks for the links and if anyone has been through this please let me know. the foundation degree in early years only came out 3 years ago here so its not been around that long.

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