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Thread: Types of Visas

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    Default Types of Visas

    Which one would be better to apply for:

    Skilled Migrant
    Long Term Business Visa (as an entreprenuer not an investor)

    I don't know which one would be best to apply for, and which would be easier. I'm not sure how easy it is to get a job offer to apply for the skilled migrant category so I was wondering if it would be easier to start my own business there instead. Which visa has better results?

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    If you match all the criteria for the SMC, I would think that is the more straightforward option providing you have a pretty clear police certificate and medical, but then that applies with all long term visas. You submit your application, then submit all your documentation, pay the required fees along the way and, hopefully, if all is well, you would get either PR or a WTR visa which will lead to PR when you have found a job and stayed in it for 3 months. The WTR option tends to be given to those who don't have a job when they apply for PR, so it could come down to getting that all-important job.

    The LTBV is a different and long drawn out way of getting PR but is a valid option for those who don't think they can get in via the SMC route or who really just want to start or run their own business. I think there is a lot more paperwork involved with this visa because you need a business plan and to be able to show you have sufficient funds to cover you for the venture. You will have 9 months to establish and start running your business. Then you have, I think, 3 years to make it work before you can progress onto PR. I guess it depends on how confident you are about either category and which you feel more comfortable with.

    Sorry, not a lot of help but it seems to be a decision you would have to make yourself on the strengths and options you have.
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    Hmmm okay thanks. I just don't have enought points for the skilled migrant category unless I have a job offer, and I'm not sure how easy that will be to get.

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