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Thread: Pets, to be more precise - dogs and home rental

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    Default Pets, to be more precise - dogs and home rental

    Well, I find searching my future home (kiwi to be) quite frustrating. Most of advertisment say "no pets".

    So far, I found out that there are mostly SMALL dogs popular in NZ. Well is it really that difficult to rent a house where dog would be welcome by lanlord?

    This is Blacky, our Christy mother (preatty much the same, I do not have small photo suitable for the web at the moment):

    She is 2 years old, about 20 kg "Eurasier spitz" and has all necessary vet papers, needed by EU authorities to travel all arround.

    Any suggestions?

    Edit: I found this one on the web... Christy and my wife... just to compare the size...

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    Yes it can be a problem with rentals for pets
    Cats are not normally a problem if you tell the landlord

    There are rentals that allow dogs but they tend to be snapped up early and also they are not as nice as the others.

    Depending on the area you want to go to you maybe able to negotiate with the landlord especially if there is a shortage of tenants

    You may have better luck with this dealing with a private vendor than using an agency

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    This is always a favourite topic. Some older posts like this or this might give you some idea of what to look for and what to expect. There's other useful info about bringing dogs in there, too.
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    Also see this thread:
    Room for the dogs?

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    Default Pets & Rental Houses

    It can be difficult to rent with pets but to be honest we've never had any trouble - and we're on our third house now!

    We have a toy poodle & a cat. Many advertisements automatically say 'no pets' but as a rule I ignore this, meet the agent when viewing the property and simply ask would a dog be ok - and so far we've always got the house.

    Now I don't live in a grotty house either - the current one is a new 4 bedroomed one up at Red Beach, Auckland - really nice. Our first one was a brand new 5 bedroom one down in Tauranga - so don't be put off by the 'no pets' just go along - be tidy & Polite and you usually get the house!

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