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    im going to be setting off to be with my fiance in nz soon and i wanted to check a something

    when i arrive i have to fill out the form do i put the amount of time staying there as my plane ticket or do i state that im staying permanently (because im applying for a work permit thro the family permit scheme then onto residency)

    or as i say just state the ticket lenth or just a month for example and not worry about it (ie it wont trigger somthing at customs when i dont check back in after a month)

    cheers nick :)

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    Hi Nick!

    Depending which nationality you are, you are only allowed a certain time in NZ anyway. If you are arriving on a visit visa, it's best that immigration get the impression that you will be leaving again in the foreseeable future and in line with whatever time your visa permits. If you are from the UK you could put up to 6 months, for some other countries it will only be 3 months. Just keep within those restraints and you should be OK. Maybe tell them you are going to do some travelling so they don't get jittery and worry that you might be tempted to overstay. Once safely inside the country, you can apply for your WP providing that you and your fiance comply with the usual requirements.
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    thanks for replying back so quickly

    that sounds excellent ill do that instead (i was getting paranoid that if i stated 1 month as soon as its up im a gonner lol)

    yeah and my fiance is a kiwi so its the 12 month living together/work permit route with the prospect of residency

    Just gotta sell my house and then i can go

    cheers nick :)
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