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Thread: How do i get a job offer when residency takes so long to process?

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    Default How do i get a job offer when residency takes so long to process?

    hi all

    i was wondering if anyone was in the same situation?

    I will be applying for resiency under the family category but need a job offer.... on the immigration website it said that it might take up to 2 years to even get allocated a case officer.....

    How do i get an employer to make a job offer but i can't start working for them for 2 years?

    any advice welcome

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    Hi Nikki, welcome to MTNZ.

    Quite a lot of people find themselves in a similar situation where they need to start work before their PR comes through. The best way of doing it is, once you have a job offer, you can then apply for a work visa/permit which will carry you through until your PR is granted. The 2 things will run side by side. You need a job offer first before you can apply for a work permit.

    This is the form for apply for a work visa/permit and this is the accompanying guide.
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