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    Default Qualifications

    What is the difference between a recognized basic/post-graduate qualification and a basic/post-graduate New Zealand qualification? Does it mean that if you have the recognized post-graduate qualification you can claim both of these points or only if you obtained your degree in NZ?

    I will have my master's degree(mathematics) in December through the U.S. and wondered if the NZ qualification is only for NZ students or if it can be claimed if my degree is also recognized as a degree for NZ. The distinction doesn't seem to be clear.

    As an aside, does it matter if you have a sponsor that is a NZ resident or is that not a factor?

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    I'm going on the assumption that the NZ qualification only applies to those who studied and gained a pass while in NZ. Some people do go to NZ and study there so they have the chance to live there while undergoing their studies instead of having to wait until they get their degree and then apply to get into the country.

    If your US qualification is equal to a NZ qualification, then you will get points for it.

    Sponsors can only be NZ residents or citizens. Off the top of my head, you would only need a sponsor if you are applying under the Family Category. If you are applying under your own steam then you don't need one.
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    Thatís quite an interesting one, but Iím afraid Iím probably going to drone on about it a little.

    Recognised qualifications, thatís all about weeding out our PC affiliations!

    You see some time ago (in the mid 1990ís) various governments decided that we should all be better qualified. How do we do this? Better teaching, higher entrance levels to Uni, nope dumb it down, was the chosen path!

    When I left Uni you needed a bachelors with honours, anything else was basically a fail. Now bachelors degrees are routinely offered without honours! When I left school you needed a bachelors with honours to get access to your professional body, now you need a masters. Are the masters students better qualified No, they just appear to be higher qualified and thatís where the recognised qualifications come into play.

    You see Uni entrance levels were lowered, so to compensate for the pass bar, recognition by professional bodies took up the slack, now sadly a student can find themselves with a worthless masters, its an utter nightmare.

    NZ does a very good job on recognising qualifications, they have a giant database to refer to, if your taking a degree ensure its recognised by the professional body that polices your industry or you could be in real trouble!

    If only governments didnít interfere with the business of universities..

    My UK degree was immediately recognised by NZ because it was approved by the IEE thus recognised by IPENZ.


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