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Thread: Partnership Residency

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    Question Partnership Residency

    Hey Guys,

    So we have finally gotten all my paper work in from Canada along with all our letters from our friends and families after 6 months of work....

    We are ready to submit our application but I am super worried that after all this work and then paying the $700 it will be rejected....

    My partner is a Kiwi and I am a Canadian. We have been living together for 2 years...but have no tenancy agreements or utility bills as proof because we had been living in Korea (where we met teaching english) and in Korea the schools usually pay for all that (it is written in the employment contract) and it is usually in their name which is heaps easier than trying to set it up yourself...we have been in New Zealand for the past 8 months (but have just been travelling with no fixed abode) and have about 25 letters from family and friends and passport photocopies showing all the vacations we took together and photos. We do have a copy of car insurance for both of us on the same car from 2006-2007 but not after that cause we switched companies and they seem to be out of business...

    We did get a joint bank acct once arriving here and a car in both our names including the insurance and a vodafone mobile broadband internet under a 2 year contract....
    We are really anxious about because we are really tired of living abroad and want to settle down but don't want to buy a house until we know that we can stay a while and we definitely DO NOT want to have to go through all this again.

    I am just wondering if anyone else out there has been in the same situation...

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    Hi there!

    I don't think you have anything to worry about, the list of things to provide is not a must, they are just examples!
    They do say it is up to you to prove the duration of your relationship, but if you have the same stamps in your passports, photos and letters of support I think you ll be fine!
    WHV submitted 20/11/07 approved 15/01/08
    arrived in Auckland 23/03/08
    Work permit under partnership submitted 21/05/08 APPROVED 29/05/08
    Work permit extension under partnership submitted 06/03/09 APPROVED 23/03/09 Expires 23/03/10
    Residence permit under partnership submitted 06/03/09
    Immigration Officer assigned 30/04/09
    Residence Permit APPROVED 29/06/09
    Our Baby Boy is due 01/04/10 "whoopwhoop"

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    Hey thanks for that :) I am hoping everything works out. It is always reassuring to hear that it sounds like enough information.

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