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Thread: Need your help, Mother Bear

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    Default Need your help, Mother Bear

    Hi Mother Bear,

    We are planning to move to NZ but still thinking of the way. My husband is high school graduate ( quit university on the 3rd year, currently work as marketing ) whilst I have a degree in economics ( currently work as accountant )but my university is not in NZQA list.
    1. Is it possible for us to go there with visitor visa and then find work there? This would be the best option for us if it is possible.

    2. If plan # 1 is impossible, we plan to go there on student visa. But one of us must have full time job for financial support. In order to be granted work visa for spouse, the study must be post graduate or qualification LTSS list ( 3 year completion ), is this correct? Or can my husband study for 1 or 2 years and I apply for work visa when he apply for student visa?

    3. I read in another forum that the consideration of granting a student visa is positive profile. I quote this from the forum :
    Factors which determine what we consider to be a “Positive Profile” student.
    a. Good Academic history (proven ability to achieve in a subject area similar to that in which they intend to study in New Zealand)
    b. Clear study plan able to show future career development
    c. Course is relevant to educational background and/or work experience
    d. Continuous study pattern and work experience, no big gap from previous study or relatable work experience
    e. Proven ability in English to be able to successfully attend a course of study in New Zealand (IELTS)
    f. Verifiable evidence of funds to meet the educational and living expenses
    g. Regular source and sufficient income of financial guarantors
    h. Clear Health and Character requirements, if required

    For point c, my husband is working as marketing and it will not be relevant with the LTSS list. In this condition, will the immigration reject our application?
    For point d, his last study till now is 7 years, is this consider a long gap?

    Need your help on this. Thank you so much.

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    Hi Ceelv and welcome to MTNZ.

    Starting with your degree, if your university isn't on the list of recognised institutions (is that what you mean when you say it's not on the NZQA list?), you could apply to NZQA to have it assessed. They will tell you what the equivalent level is to a NZ qualification. If it is an acceptable level and you have work experience to back it up, you should stand a better chance of being able to apply for residency if your job skills are something that NZ needs. I can't see Accountant on the Long Term Skills Shortage List so you may need to apply under the Work to Residence category and try to get a job offer from an accredited employer. You could search for Accountant or whatever your job title is on the ANZSCO website and it should tell you what level your job title comes in at. The higher the level, the better chance you have of getting in.

    It is possible to go to NZ on a visa visa and look for work although immigration wouldn't be too happy if they found out, as the main purpose of a visit visa, in their mind, is to have a holiday. However, many people have done this in the past. It's always a bit risky, and more so in current times, because suitable jobs aren't always available but, if you're prepared to take the risk, that's fine. If you found a job you wouldn't be able to start work on your visit visa and would have to apply for a work permit. Getting a job and a work permit is one thing but managing to stay permanently in NZ is something else again. To qualify for residency you would need a job that uses skills that NZ needs and a job with an accredited employer would help a lot.

    I hope at least some of this makes sense to you. It's late and I think my brain has gone on to bed ahead of me.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Hahahaha, it's ok. Thanks a lot for your answer, Mother Bear. Will ask you back if get any question. GBU.

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    We came on visitor visas and hubby found work easily enough.
    Though 14 month in and still on work permits , hubby has lost his job.
    We cannot get any help financially as we are not residents.
    It has now become a major struggle
    I now wouldnt advise coming in this way.
    Though loads people told us, we still had to give it a go.
    And it was the only way we could do it, as couldnt find work in NZ for hubby from Scotland.
    Also i was a bit wary of getting perm residence in a Country i had never seen, i wanted to be sure it was for us
    If recession hadnt hit we would be fine, and ive no regrets, as hubby should be starting a new job soon, and then we are going for residency as soon as possible.
    I got work here too, and considering i was a stay at home mum for 18 yrs, no work experience
    im now doing a NZQA and this will help in our application for pr
    So aye, its a huge risk, but if your finanacially fit, then its not impossible
    But be prepared if it goes pear shaped
    We spent loads of dosh at the begining going holidays etc
    But again we didnt anticipate hubby losing job
    Hindsight is wonderful eh
    Anyway good luck to you whatever way you decide, we love it here, and would hate to go back

    Landed in New Zealand 29th jan 2008
    Colin got job offer 21st feb
    Work Permit applied for 3rd march
    Colins work permit received friday 2nd may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010
    My work permit applied for 7th may 2008
    My work permit received 27th may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010

    Arrived back in Scotland 21st July 2009

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    Hi Meadow,

    Thanks for your sharing. We know it will be hard. That's why we think of it over and over to avoid wrong decision. I noted that it takes quite long for the work permit from applying to issueance. If I am not mistaken, you're from Scotland and is it easier for you and hubby to get a job or applying visa as Scotland and NZ are both commenwealth countries? Would you mind tell me what's you & your hubby jobs & last education?

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