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Thread: URGENT: PhD Admission + Immigration Process

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    Default URGENT: PhD Admission + Immigration Process

    Hi all,

    It's now 3 months that I posted my ITA documents to immigration office and still my visa officer is not assigned. My partner has got admission for PhD degree from University of Auckland.
    My questions are:
    Q1: If she applies for Student Visa does it have any effect on our Skilled Immigration process?
    Q2: According to immigration rules, if my partner is applying for Student Visa for PhD degree, I can apply for Work Permit. If I do so, does it have any impact on my Skilled Immigration process?
    Q3: Does my partner admission help our Skilled Immigration process to proceed faster?

    Thanks and regards,

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    I've been hunting around for information on your queries but didn't come up with much of any help, so I'm trying to work on logic now.

    If your partner was to apply for a limited purpose visa to study, she wouldn't be allowed to apply for any other visa/permit while she was in NZ. However, if she was to apply for a Student Visa, it doesn't say anything about other applications. Anyone who submits an application under the Skilled Migrant Category or similar can apply for a work visa during the process if they need to start work before their PR comes through. Their children can also be granted Student's Permits and none of this affects their PR application. Therefore, I don't see why your partner can't go ahead and apply for a Student Visa providing she complies with the requirements. There is a clause on the Student Visa where it says you must be able to prove you are going to leave NZ once the course of study has ended, so maybe you'd have to work something out before then if your PR hasn't come through yet.

    Student Visa/Permit Guide.
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    Default Hi,

    Farzad, are you still in Shiraz? I’m just wondering how far you are with your visa... Success… I have been recently in the city.. (just visiting my in loves). My Shirazi husband and me are planning to move to NZ next year. Currently we are living in Belgium. I ting, may be it is a good idea to exchange some experiences. Can you Skype? That would be easy but I don’t know if it is possible.
    In witch city you want to live? I gas in Auckland as your partner is going to study there. I got my Masters tree years ago and my husband last year. He is also thinking about PhD in NZ. But for the moment with two little kids we take it easy.
    Do you know any other Iranians there? We are a bit afraid there are not many. Here in Be there are little and so our kids dont hear enough Farsi. That makes life hard sometimes.
    Let me know sth. Greetings…

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