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Thread: Learning about NZ via computer games

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    Default Learning about NZ via computer games

    This might sound geeky, but I think a really fun way to learn about a country's history and geography is through computer games and simulations.

    For instance, Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you fly all around NZ. This helps your learn where the big cities (and airports) are, where the mountains are, farms, roads, etc. It also gives you a tangible sense of how long it takes to fly/drive to certain places, so that we can get a clearer idea of how far we can expect to range for day hikes and weekend outings.

    Railroad Tycoon 2 and 3 both have user-made NZ maps/scenarios. These give you a sense of natural, agricultural, and industrial resources, and relative city sizes. It also makes it more apparent why certain cities popped up and thrived in certain areas, and not others.

    Do you know of any others?
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    It's not a computer game and is rather patchy in places they haven't covered yet, but I have fun zooming around Google Earth which would be similar to your flight simulator, I imagine. Not really much info on there but it gives you some idea how far away the mountains and sea are from the cities/towns and you can choose to add more detail if you wish.
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