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    Hello everyone!

    Firstly to introduce myself, I am a UK resident hoping to move to NZ. I am visiting in June for a few months and I am hoping to find an appropriate business opportunity when I arrive.

    In order to start any business I will need a LTBV 3 year visa to give me time to start the business and run a profit. The government website states that you likely will have already owned your own business or worked in the industry previously in order to be granted a visa - but they do make exceptions.

    I have neither owned my own business or have any experience in the industry so this worries me somewhat. What I do have is 7 years service sector experience, 5 years as a customer service manager for Harrods and 2 years managing a very succesful and profitable headhunting business (responsible for marketing, advertising, business development and P and L) within London's marketing industry, a business degree and roughly $50,000 NZ dollars cash capital of my own.

    Considering the fact that the current economic crisis has majorily hit foriegn investment and emigration to NZ - do you think they are likely to be more lenient on such experience in order to attract investment?



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    Welcome to Move to NZ, James.

    You do generally need to have run your own business before you can apply for a LTBV but our Macfod managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat and get his visa without having previous experience. If you do a search for LTBV it will bring up several years' worth of posts about the subject. If you go way back to 2005 onwards and pick out those from Macfod, you should be able to follow his progress. Some of the posts are corrupted because we've had several shifts of forum over the years and some of the links may no longer be valid but you should get some idea about how Macfod did it and he is the one to watch particularly because of his lack of previous business experience.
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    Default maybe tough

    Hi James
    Yes, as MB mentioned we went through the diffilcult process.
    Reading my posts may help.

    However, its not easy and remember we were both professional people with good jobs in the Uk before we decided on this process.
    You have to show them some experience in the business you are looking to purchases and lots of homework.

    My wife had the more appropriate experience in the hospitality business so we went this route prior to changing it into my name after months.

    Forgive me , but $50.000 nzd hardly seems a big investment for them to look at as a basic salary alone should be in this area.
    Also, we are what you may call mature people with grown kids scattered round the world.

    They will look fully into your plans so get it right from the start and tell them what you are going to offer New Zealand.

    Its a hard route so be prepared....and good luck.

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    Thank you for your help, both.

    Job and career wise we can hopefully satisfy there requirements as we both have good, well paid careers in the UK and strong (relevant) degree level educations.

    Thanks for the tip on utilising your wifes experience and we could be in the same situation as my partner has very relevant experience to what we are looking to do even though I'm the one driving the process!

    I agree that the $50,000 is not a massive amount to invest but that's just my own cash in the bank that I saved up and doesn't include any business loans, other forms of capital we may raise or any family investments which I'm hoping to secure. The business idea itself, if we can raise the capital, will be around $500,000.

    I will do my best but if worst comes to the worst I will get myself a work visa and see if we can get sponsorship. If that doesn't work we'll just move to Spain like most other British expats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NomadicBoo View Post
    If that doesn't work we'll just move to Spain like most other British expats!
    So basically, you're getting out of the UK whatever happens Good to have a back up plan What are your reasons for moving out of the UK?

    Good luck with your plans, come back to us if you need any more questions answered

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