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Thread: Just visiting (long-term)

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    Default Just visiting (long-term)

    I'm a Kiwi living in the U.S. Good friends (a married couple) travel with me every year to NZ for six weeks. As we're getting grayer, we're talking about staying six months each year. (given a choice, I'd be staying full-time, but grandbabies are in the U.S. )

    My friend has been online trying to find out how long she and her hubby can stay in NZ as visitors. She asks: 'if I'm understanding it correctly, visitors can stay up to 3 months without a visa. With a visa up to nine months in an 18 month period then we must leave for 9 months before returning. However, I couldn't find an answer to how long must leave the country after a 3-month stay without a visa'.

    I thought that visitors can stay in NZ six months - then just have to leave for 24 hours before returning, but this must have changed.

    Hoping someone has the correct info on this. Many thanks.

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    Hi Dell

    With regard to your own requirements, if you want to stay longer in NZ, you can now apply for a special visa for parents and grandparents.

    You are right when you say INZ don't mention how long you need to stay out of the country if you've had a 3-month visa. All I've found is what happens when you extend and have been in NZ for 9 months in total. They seem to assume that everyone on a 3-month visa is going to extend and have to stay out for 9 months. It doesn't even mention if it's a 3 month's visit per year or what. Travelling on a British passport which allows a 6-month visit, I always assumed we could stay in for 6 months and had to be out for the same length of time, but I wonder how it is for Americans i.e. 3 months in and 3 months out or 3 month's visit in each year unless you extend.

    Since working on this forum, I can't remember anything about being able to stay in for 6 months, then doing a visa run to a nearby country and coming back in on a new visa. This happens in a lot of countries (and I'm about to do it from Oman to the UAE tomorrow) but NZ makes it more difficult to stay in the country long term as a visitor. You can extend up to a certain time but, if you go out of the country and come back in on a multi-entry visa, they tot up how long you've been in NZ and will note if you've reached your 'allowance' limit.
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    Thanks very much for the information. I'll forward it to my friends.

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