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Thread: Can I work outside New Zealand after obtaining PR?

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    Default Can I work outside New Zealand after obtaining PR?

    After I obtain PR for NZ, can I still work outside New Zealand? I prefer to keep my present job because I like the job very much.

    How long do I have to stay in NZ every year in order for my PR to stay valid? Appreciate any comments.

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    Welcome to the forum Jpcolimited.

    If you take a look through here, it explains about the Returning Residents Visa on which, it seems, everything hangs if you want to keep hold of your PR. Basically, you need to stay in NZ for 184 days in each of the first 2 years if you want to qualify for an Indefinite Returning Residents Visa (which means you can come and go as you like). If you don't do this, you would have to apply for a new RRV when your current one is running out. The problem with that is that it's up to INZ how long they would renew it for. Sometimes it can only be for a very short time. They will be looking for some sort of commitment from you with regard to staying in NZ.
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