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Thread: IT salaries

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    Question IT salaries

    Sorry to bother you all again,

    I was wondering if anybody knows what IT wages per year are like.
    My husband has got alot of experience in IT , and at the moment he is employed as a Senior Systems Integrater, and he is on about 46.000 per year , and of course he is taxed on that,and pays national insurance.

    Any feedback appreciated
    Kind regards Traci

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    This might give you some idea of the IT salary structure if you can pick your way through it. It's for 2008 but might give some guidance about what to expect.
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    IT salary is good in reputed companies here, like banks, Fronterra, auckland uni,skycity,NZ police, Manakau council etc.
    ERP,data ware housing jobs are paid well, range is 95k-110+ if there is good experience.
    85k is generally a decent per annum salary for 4-8yrs experienced and for testing or business analysts/developer jobs.
    Your husband can target easily a minimum of 110 and maximum of 130-150 depending on factors like recession,availability,requirement for the company and his marketing/bargaining skills.
    If he is interested in contracting, that will be average 100$ an hour(5-8 yrs exp) and I had a colleague who earned 250$ an hour in her consultant role(10 yrs exp).

    Again it all depends on how well your skillset is in demand and how good you bargain here.
    I have many colleagues from UK with good experience and earning 130+ as enterprise architects, support managers etc.
    Its mostly support work going on in NZ and not much implementation and so expectation of bonus or huge appraisal is less here.(esp in recession!!!)

    But after hours support calls will be there which is charged at 60-100$ an hour and becomes an extra income of nearly 500-1000$ a month depending on your shift.

    But IT life will be good here (but less challenging) compared to North America or Asian clients. Its mostly support and technology will be less demanding in most of the companies and not many enhancements or new projects will be done which gives a smooth laid back life style:-).

    I heard IT salaries are good in Welling than Auckl and more opportunities there but don't know how far its true.
    Probably cost of living is cheap there compared to Auck so one can save much post tax.
    Good luck:-)

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