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Thread: Global recession Ė Bad time to move to the green land?

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    Default Global recession Ė Bad time to move to the green land?

    I finally got my WTR (work to residence visa). If Iím going for it I would have to decide very soon and move to NZ by May.
    Iím working in IT (software developer with 4 years of experience) and it looks like the timing couldnít be worse.

    Can anyone please share some light about the employment situation in the IT field?
    To be more specific I was hoping to find a job in the south island, probably Christchurch.

    Iím afraid the global recession may have caused experienced employees discharge recently and it would make it much harder for an immigrant like me to find a job.
    Do you think itís realistic for me expecting to find a job within a reasonable time in Christchurch or should I just aim for Wellington?

    More generally, Iím afraid the global recession might make things worse in the coming months (this is what is happening here in the last 6 months in IT field).
    So, should I stay or should I go? :)

    Thanks, Diana

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    Hi Dianah,

    Yes, times are very difficult now whether you're trying to make a new start or even if you've been in a job for some time. I think many people are wondering if they are to be next when the axe falls and it's not just NZ. You will find the same problem in many other countries.

    Have you looked at any of the NZ job sites to see how many IT jobs are kicking around? It would give you some impression of how things are going in the job market. You can find some sites that are relevant to IT on our website list . It would be ideal if you could manage to get a job offer before going to NZ although that would be no guarantee that the job would stay in place some months down the line. Currently, I don't think anyone could state firmly that you would find a job and still be in it 6 months later as no one is sure about their own job right now.

    If you really want to jump in and go to NZ, just make sure you have a backup plan in case things go wrong. Having said all that, there's always the chance that you will find a good job which will turn out to be secure. Not everything is doom and gloom - it just pays to be cautious, which you obviously are .

    Good luck.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Hi Dianah,

    I'm also in same position as you but I've decided to move to wellington (I already have a job offer)

    How did you managed to get WTR without offer. It seems you need a job offer from an accredited employer to get WTR (irrespective of job in LTSSL or ISSL)

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    We went through the PR route, but we got WTR instead, which is different from the regular work visa.
    It means NZ immigration weren't sure if we can settle in NZ but still gave us a chance to see if we can make it there by giving us 6 months to find a job, and then after working 3 months, we're supposed to get the PR.

    Can I ask how did you get the job? Did you do the interview by phone?

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