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Thread: Moving from South Africa

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    Default Moving from South Africa

    I'm new to this,

    just a question - my Fiance and me are planning to move to New Zealand by march 2010 latest.
    He has a New Zealand citizenship and passport, I have my UK british citizenship passport.
    we wanting to move from South Africa.
    would we need to be married before we come there so i can fall on his NZ side?
    we also have family down there - will that count in favour for us?

    what will i need to be able to get in and live there with just a UK passport?
    as he can just walk in practically.

    if you can help it would be much appreciated


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    Sure there are people more qualified than me to point you in right direction! but guess I'm in a similar position, except in UK married 30yrs to NZ passport holder! but will tell you what i know ... take a look at NZI family/partnership visa think you could apply under that if you've been together 12mths or more, you don't have to be married to make your application.

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    Welcome to the forum, Jax.

    No you wouldn't have to be married to take advantage of your fiance's NZ citizenship. He can sponsor you for residency in NZ under the Family (Partnership) Policy. All you would need is to be able to prove that you are in a stable and genuine relationship and have been so for at least 12 months, which includes having lived together during that time. Here is a quick check.

    If you fit all the criteria, you shouldn't really need anything else to get in other than a reasonably good state of health and character. Having close family in NZ is always a good thing to have but, in this case, you probably wouldn't need to draw on it. If it's family on your fiance's side rather than yours, I doubt it would count anyway.
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