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Thread: Employment with St Johns Ambulance

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    Default Employment with St Johns Ambulance

    Hiya folks. I've been reading for a while now, but new to posting, so please be gentle with me...!

    I am a Paramedic in the UK, looking to move to NZ. I am just starting the appraisal process, and have spoken to SJ HR whilst in NZ, and they seemed very encouraging.

    Is anyone on here in the same boat, or had experience of the appraisal process? I'm just wondering how some of the clinical skills equate. EG thrombolysis, intubation, ?RSI? etc.

    Any thoughts much appreciated....!

    Many thanks!

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    Sarah and welcome to MTNZ.

    Sorry, can't help with the medic bit but I hope someone will be along who can. Just wanted to say 'Hello'.
    Mother Bear

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    Hi Sarah

    Welcome to the forum .......... Im not in the profession but I did enquire about it when I arrived and was told by the St Johns that most of their people are volunteers and that the longer serving people are in paid employment.

    Not sure how it would go for you already being in the service, but good luck
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    Hi MB, thanks for the welcome...!

    A&M, yes, you're quite right. I have been in 10+ years and have had a lot of varied operational experience (won't go in to it here) but clinically the UK SRPara equates to an NZ APO (we thrombolyse autonomously in my area also) as well as being HEMS qualified.

    I also manage community volunteers- so would hope this could also be of use! Although clinically a UK Para and a NZ APO are incerdibly similar, I am aware there are a few anomolies within the appraisal system - I was just wondering if anyone here had been through the process?

    I'm sorry to waffle...! Once this first step is done, I'm sure we are going to be picking your collective brains about a whole load of stuff...! Even just looking through the posts has been tremendously useful. I hope once we are through it all, we can help out as much as everyone else does on here...!!

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