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    Default Debt

    Ok this is not exactly related to NZ but maybe someone here can help me. I am in the process of getting NZ residency and am also paying off about 3000 pounds credit card debt from the UK. I have heard of or met a number of people who have however, left their debt behind in the UK and have no plans to pay it off, as they dont intend to return there to live. Does anyone know if they would catch up with you if you went back to the UK for a holiday? I dont earn a huge amount and want to enjoy my new home in NZ, not spend all my money on paying off debt. Also would NZ credit rating ever be affected by your UK credit record?

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    Hi Becksly,

    This topic came up a couple of years ago. I'm sure someone will tell us how their grandma's-cousin's-mate's-sister knew a fella that legged it owing umpteen thousand pounds and they never caught up with him. For the rest of us, the world isn't as small as it used to be. The chances of anyone being able to 'walk away' from a debt these days (especially when they owe money to a bank) are pretty slim. You'll be on the data radar as soon as you register for an IRD number, so it's not like you'd be hard to find.

    I guess it's you're call, but if I was gonna try it, I'd make it worth my while. You won't get far on 3,000......

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    You will reestablish yourself here. If you "touch" your old records, credit cards especially, your credit on the big computers will follow you or be linked. They wont' chase you but a bank might see it here and that won't be good. A letter from a bank there would be a good move or if you have good credit with someone would help you get started here.


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    Thanks for your help guys. I have decided to carry on paying it back as I dont really want to cut all ties with the UK, and it would be nice for my poor parents to stop getting threatening letters from the bank!

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