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    Default I am not dead

    Ayup me ode berilubous boobie bearers I have not died. I am merely busy :[ :] I am trying to lease a space for my new business and trying to network with loads of trusts, associations, funders, and users of the services I want to offer. No mean trick ere I can tell you, coz no one talks to anyone else even if it would benefit them to do so!! Frustrating to say the least.

    Anyway, I have met with the Selchster and her partner Karin and they are lovely. Selch was a bit of a surprise. She is as cool, calm and collected as she comes across, you know, always the peace-keeper and the offerer of solutions to touchy and tetchy situations but, she's also up for a laugh and doesn't take her self or life too seriously. I fear they may have the wrong impression of me because -Lordy Lordy - they got a good dose of me at a party!! Well, ply me with alcohol and give me an audience and all hell breaks loose really for I have not even a modicum of self-control Oh well.......there you go, what you see is what you get.

    Umm. We have a few things happening in our lives at the moment. New business, a possible house move, possible homestay students and last but not least buying another property as well so a lot to keep us busy. But, rest assured as I experience these new experiences I will report to thee all. Coz thee never know, thee might go through one on em y'sen at sum point and value sum bin there dun that knowledge. That's kind of the point of this forum Dawn, I hear you chorus. Oh ahh, I say in return and then....shurrup Dawn you tart, you're talking to y'sen again! Well, I know but it's often the only intelligent conversation I get and I can't help mi sen.

    La la la, la la la, la la la, la la la banana, two banana, three banana, four - can you remember Banana Splits? Furry things riding round on quads? I'm sure I was too young to drink then so it has to be a valid memory. They just popped into my head then. Lots and lots of one or two things had to be squeezed out of the way for that to happen but happen it did. Not a loud pop - in fact there was no auditory at all it was more of a visual pop. Do you know the kind I mean? And what has popped into your head lately? If you are a man it will be sex because men think about sex every 7 seconds don't they, it's been proven. How?? I don't know but I read it so it must be true.

    Right, no more mind wanderings on ere. I must write another blog soon and try and put useful things in there that people care about. I've just thought that barely any of my millions of posts on this forum hold any worthwhile information at all. They're all filled with crap! OMG! I talk crap! Three years of nothing useful, I am shamed and embarrassed (I'm not at all, I'm just pretending to be so that those who will will think I have finally recognised that I have nothing of any value to offer). I am going to go and live in a tent in my back garden for a week to see whether I really could be a toga wearing hippie and live in teepee with smoke twirling out of the top of it.


    And, no, I haven't been drinking.
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    Good to hear what you're up to Dawn :) And your posts have always been helpful just remember that!!!

    It's hard once you move out to NZ and start setting life up here to keep in touch with the forum but it's always nice to pop in and say hi so we all know how you're doing.

    I've been terrible of late but that's a whole other story.

    Chat to you all soon!

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    Good to hear from you Dawn. Busy is good!!

    Your posts may not be full of useful information but they are still usefull. They kinda bring us all back down to earth and gives us a little chuckle now and then. keep em coming I say.

    Good luck with all your new ventures, i'm sure you won't need it but i'll send it your way anyway.
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