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Thread: If You Bank At ANZ Be CAREFUL With Your Money!

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    Default If You Bank At ANZ Be CAREFUL With Your Money!

    ANZ Bank staff summoned to meeting - 25 Sep 2008 - NZ Herald: New Zealand Business, Markets, Currency and Personal Finance News

    ANZ Bank staff summoned to meeting
    New 9:00AM Thursday Sep 25, 2008

    Thousands of staff from ANZ Bank branches, including those on annual leave, have been called to an 8.30am meeting for a major announcement.

    A spokeswoman would not give details but said staff at stablemate National Bank were not involved, a Wellington newspaper reported today.

    - NZPA

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    The latest.....

    ANZ losing branch staff as online banking takes over
    Updated 2:20PM Thursday Sep 25, 2008

    ANZ Bank has today called for voluntary redundancies among its branch staff.

    The bank's call has sparked fears amongst the union that the ANZ brand could be sold off or amalgamated.

    This morning, at a series of 8.30 meetings, the bank announced a review of the branch network with a view to reducing staff numbers; a freeze on recruitment which will lead to immediate staff reductions through attrition; a reduction in the use of casual staff to cover absences; and a tightening up of overtime being worked.

    It also asked front line staff to consider voluntary redundancy.

    In explaining the reasons behind the move, documents obtained by detail how over the counter transactions have fallen 23 per cent to around 3 million per month since 2003 because of simpler processes, fewer forms, more use of call centres and more use of Internet banking. However, the bank said, branch staff numbers had been stuck at around 1,590, the documents show.

    More here.
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