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    Question Medical Question

    Hi Everyone just a query about our medical.
    We have received a letter from Washington d.c letting us know they are processing our application. They have also told us that they have sent my husbands medical papers to INZ to their assessor to be assessed. Does anyone know if this is standard procedure or do they only do this if they see a protential problem ? I can't see myself if this could be possible as I know a little of what they would not allow as a medical problem into N.Z.

    I would appreciate any news on this subject


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    I think they will if they see a potential problem. For example, if your husband recently saw the doctor for a medical issue or had surgery, they may ask for assurance that all is now well. This happened to us, and it eventually got straightened out.
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    I could be wrong but from memory all medicals get sent to an NZIS assessor to ensure they are all OK, then get the stamp of approval before sending back to your case officer to continue on with the process.

    Your Dr's would have notified you at the time of your medical results if there was anything abnormal.

    That was the case with us, we got told something was abnormal, got another test and it was fine then it was sent off to the assessor to rubber stamp it before processing it on.

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    I recently received my PR thru the Washington DC office. My Case Officer approved my application, but the Reviewing Officer had a question about a medical condition listed on my medical. The issue was resolved without my case being sent to the medical assessor. Unless there appears to be a potential problem, I don't believe cases are automatically sent to the medical assessor (at least in the Washington DC office).

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