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Thread: Jumping ahead of ourselves

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    Default Jumping ahead of ourselves

    Hi All,

    I'm sure we could spend a lot of time looking thru previous threads for these answers but i'm hoping that you guys will be gentle with us as new members and point us in the right direction.

    The situation is this, 3 years ago we jumped ship from the UK and moved to Cyprus, the actual choice was CY or NZ and CY won purely on distance from 'home'! Now we find that due to the down turn in the UK economy my cunning plan to develop a holiday resort aimed purely at UK guys and girls wanting to buy a holiday Lodge in the sun has fallen flat on it's A***! This is not going to get any better in the next few years so.... I can probably pull $500,000 out of the business by selling off the property and business and was wondering if I wanted to up sticks and re-locate to NZ if this cash will, 1,be sufficent to help us into NZ and, 2, be of sufficent interest to an existing company looking for an investor. It seems from the research we have done so far that we could probably obtain a visa on this basis but my concern is if our investment piotential would be attractive to existing NZ companys?

    Many thanks in advance, but as you can probably gather time is not on our side here and some hard decissions need to be made, one option which is to return to the UK is a non starter as our 6 year old daughter tells us that 'it's too dangerous'! is that sad or what?



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    Default investment

    Hi Mark,
    Yes, every where is a gamble and having spent some time in Paphos I know what its like if it goes sour.

    Well, My advise is give it a whirl via a LTBV

    But, read through the notes first.

    You have to set up up take over and existing business and quite rightly prove your serious about setting up.
    Run the business for two years employing staff and generally giving to NZ.

    Be warned!
    Its not an easy route and you have to jump thorugh hoops..

    But, its always a risk ..
    And having spent 4/5 days skiing last week and looking over the mountains and fantastic views with glorious blue skies and clean air you realise why you want to live here.

    Homework is first then for you .
    And I am sure you will get lots of help and advice from all members..good luck..

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    Thanks Mark, I guess from your reply that investing in an existing business is not an option so with my little nest egg if I was to buy, say an existing business, in my case probably a holiday park what sort of financial backing could I expect from a Bank in NZ. In other words what percentage of commercial loan against the sale price could we expect to achieve or is it a case of starting from scratch? The reason I ask is to give me an idea of the viability of buying an existing business to work out if we could afford to buy it and afford to eat! So before I go rushing off to get details on some businesses I have seen for sale I need to set a realistic budget against my equity to allow for us to set ourselves up.

    Believe it or not another day of scorching temperatures here (Limassol) 35' and 70% humidity - the CY summer just keeps going and we still have no water so the climate in NZ is actually looking even more appealing!



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