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Thread: Anyone else on the Work to Residence Route?

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    Default Anyone else on the Work to Residence Route?

    I am trying to get into New Zealand, but cannot get in, like the lucky ones, through the Skilled Work route.
    I'm an ex-Zimbabwean, now living in the UK with my 3 kids and a grandaughter - I'm separated and am trying to get in on my own ,
    At this point, I think my 22yr old daughter will have to apply on her own as she cannot come with me as my package as she has a daughter and is unmarried, but we'll get to that bridge next !
    I know I'll be fine with the medical and police checks ( i'm 49 tomorrow). I've seen that I can get a job earning the 50 000, but am not sure if I have to get a cetain job with an 'accredited' employer or if I can get any job I can, earning that salary.

    PLEASE - I'm finding the whole thing a bit daunting and would love to chat with someone in similar shoes, who has got to NZ. I'm just scared that I fly out to NZ only to discover that I've made mistakes along the way and be refused in a few years time
    This is such a great site, thank you to who-ever is monitoring it, and who's idea it was


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    Hi Snoopy and welcome,

    It is very difficult to get into NZ long term if you don't have the relevant skills that are needed in the country. Even if you go the long-winded route, you still need certain skills before you can get a visa.

    Unfortunately, I am away on holiday at the moment and, being away from my own PC with all my immigration links and also having to pay per minute for Internet access, it doesn't allow me to delve more into your situation. If you can wait that long and, if someone else doesn't come along who can help you, I'll try to answer more fully when I get back home next Thursday-ish.
    Mother Bear

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