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    I am a welder/ fabricator by trade, I have relevent qualifications for this but at the moment I am doing a different type of job at tonys tyres as i got bored with what I was doing.

    My question is that with doing a different job to my qualifications, will this affect my chance of getting residency ? does it matter as long as you have a permanent job?

    Thankyou Nicolas

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    How long is it since you changed jobs? I think it could be that, if you have a job offer, you can just run on your qualifications and previous work experience. Maybe INZ assumes that, if a potential employer has vetted you for the job, then you ought to be competent enough to do it.

    If you haven't already seen these, you can look for your job title to see which visa type you can apply for. With the LTSSL you can apply directly for residency but with the ISSL you would get a work permit and then work your way to residency which takes longer.

    Long Term Skill Shortage List and Immediate Skill Shortage List
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    It doesn' matter how long you've been away from the job you're qualified for. My partner got work visa and residency on his qualifications even though he hadn't done the job for 8 years
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