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Thread: In the words of Eddie Vedder ...

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    Default In the words of Eddie Vedder ...

    I'm still alive!

    (For you, MB: YouTube - alive pearl jam, to let you in on the reference. )

    Sorry to have been absent so long, but I've been busy doing the following:

    1. Buying a car.
    2. Getting a job.
    3. Finding a house.
    4. Starting said job.
    5. Buying said house.
    6. Buying another car.
    7. Finally getting my stuff.

    (Strange how each item on the list is longer than the previous one, innit?)

    Since being back to the US, I've put over 5,000 miles on the car I bought. We flew into San Fran, then on to Chicago where we met up with my mom. I bought the car there, in Wisconsin, then drove to Missouri to see my brother, then on the New York to my mother-in-law's house, where I stayed for three weeks and my wife and sons stayed for 6 weeks total until we were able to find and close on a house. Meanwhile, during those last three weeks or so I drove back and forth between New York and New Hampshire (7 hours each way) three times, house sat for a friend for two weeks, and split the rest of the time between a budget motel and my father's house in Connecticut.

    I started work on July 7th and we closed on our house on July 28th. The week following, we bought a washer and dryer, a refrigerator, a TV, a lawnmower, another car (for my wife), a couch and chair, and various sundries ... I had forgotten just how expensive it is to be a homeowner! (Koko, you'll be happy to know that I don't have any curtains either! )

    Our container arrived in Boston just ahead of our closing ... then was flagged for an 'intensive' Customs review. So it sat in Boston for two weeks so Customs could--wait for it--open *three* boxes. One was empty--it had been used by the movers to fill a space--one had two sleeping bags in it, and one was filled with books. The movers brought it last Friday and were gone well before lunch, having moved in under four hours all of my worldly possessions that did not fit into our suitcases.

    Our new house is about a mile and a half from our old house, but outside of the central area of our little town. It's dark and quite where we are, here in the middle of the woods. The house lots in our 'neighborhood' are at least 2 acres each, and there's a large (100+ acres) wooded lot and a large farm across the street, so it's very different from living in Bishopdale. Did I mention it's dark and quite? The only boy racer is me, as I buzz around in my wife's black sport-model Honda Fit, with the paddle shifters. If they ever decide to put a speed trap on our road, I'm going to lose my license!

    My job is going very, very well. It's the one I had for three years before I left. The person who had it while I was gone made a mess of it, so to a man (and woman) everyone is not merely happy to have me back, they are generally overjoyed. (Which is not to say that they weren't sorry to see me leave; they were. It's just that they now fully appreciate *all* that I had done and how hard I had worked and how much that I knew that no one else really had grasp of.) The new teachers come tomorrow, veteran staff next week, and the kids the first week of September, so by the time the first leaves of Fall hit the grass, it'll be like I never left.

    I do miss some things from NZ. I miss running into Koko's wife wherever I happen to be ... the QEII pool, the downtown Chch shops, the Botanical Garden, the garden outside their bedroom ... oh, wait, what I meant was ...

    Seriously, I do miss most the friends we made there. I miss looking down Harewood and seeing the snow-capped mountains or the Port Hills. I miss having the beach *right* *there*. I miss the pleasures (but not the hassles) of city living. But it's good to be back, too, to all the things I love here: Portsmouth, the Red Sox, fried clams, Dunkin Donuts coffee, my job, my friends.

    Regrets? Not a one.
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    Sounds like things have come together for you and I like your last line 'no regrets' you should only ever regret things in life that you didnt do!

    Good on ya!

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    Glad to hear things have worked out for the best, KH, and good to hear from you again. At least you've had your bit of adventure and won't always be wondering 'what if...' Sometimes it takes removal from one's existing life into one that is completely different to make you appreciate what you had in the first place. It doesn't always work out that way because some go back and find they had made the right decision to move in the first place, but at least you seem to be very happy with your choice to return now.

    Hope you'll stick around as your help and advice, from a US point of view, would be very useful to those about to make the move or who are still in the decision-making stage.
    Mother Bear

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    Good to hear from you KH,

    Glad things ahve worke dout for you heading back home and how great to get your old job back.

    Hope to see you around, you will be a great source of information to many on here.

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    Nice one matey

    Glad that you seem to have sorted out what's important to you and settled down again. I'm wondering if your intrepid thousands of k's journey was more of a personal one. Thousands and thousands of k's travelled, physically and psychologically and you return to just a mile and a half from where you started - ummmm vair vair interesting

    Good luck with everything bud. Sounds like you're sitting right in the middle of your happy spot
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    Eddie and Pearl Jam are GODS, I love his voice.........

    I downloaded a live set from the 'Bridge Benefit Concert' which was amazing.......... then somehow deleted it!

    YouTube - Pearl Jam Playing Alive On Jools Holland

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    Hey KH (the one person from the forums I've actually met!), good to get the update. Anyone in Nelson want to do a meetup drop me a PM--

    Look, I can totally appreciate the round trip back to GO. If we decide to return to the states, it'll probably be back to the same neck o' the woods too. That's where the friends are, the contacts, all the local knowledge that took years to build up. But we've given it a 2 year fuse. Sure we do the "how're we going?" thing but trying not to obsess abt it until 2 yrs out.

    And we now opened an art space in the downtown that we've got a year lease so that's got to run it's course too. Here's a pic. Cheers all--
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