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Thread: Why are you keen to move to NZ?

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    Default Why are you keen to move to NZ?

    Hi all,

    I live in the UK but have the chance to move to NZ with an existing visa I hold but have doubts even though its a great oppurtunity.

    Personally I like the UK and have a pretty good life here but think that there might be something better out there! Is that enough or do you have to be pastionate about another country? I love the outdoors but in central England there isn't much in the way of mountains, rivers or coastlines!

    So I was just wonderig what are the reasons you nice people want to emigrate?

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    Im keen on moving to NZ for the simple fact of something different in my life, plus all the other fun stuff you can do in NZ within distance and time. It is an isolated part of the world that seems to be respected in world standings and world awareness. Hopefully too,, a great base to explore more of the islands in the South Pacfic. I love island life.

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    We don't want to return to the UK to retire. Whenever we've gone back we seem to come up against miserable faces and snarly, unhelpful attitudes and very erratic weather, but those are just 2 reasons. Our reasons for choosing NZ over other countries we have looked at, in no particular order, are...

    ...we have family there, which is what prompted us to look at NZ in the first place. is English speaking (after a fashion ) and there aren't any particular social or religious codes we would need to adhere to.
    ...the kiwis are, in general, a friendly, helpful bunch and made us feel we had value and a place there amongst them. They had time for us. nasty, bitey, life-endangering insects and animals.
    ...climate is moderate, although I must admit to worrying about getting used to so much rain and cold again and falling prey to colds, coughs and 'flu, from which I suffer unusually badly in cooler climes.
    ...we like the kiwi style of housing, but preferably with central heating installed . is a long way from the Middle East, UK and US in the event another fracas breaks out here although, if rumours are to be believed, we may not make it down there in time.
    ...the continual threat of terrorism isn't foremost on kiwi's minds as it can be in some other places.
    ...the slower pace of life appeals, after seeing other populations screaming around trying to make 24 hours fit into 12.
    ...lack of traffic congestion, other than in big cities.
    ...politically, the country and population is small enough for people to make their voices heard. one stage, when we first thought in terms of going to NZ, I would have said cheaper housing and cost of living, but that doesn't apply now, as in a lot of places where everything is going up.

    There are downsides to living in NZ, too. Perhaps we should have another thread about things that concern us about immigrating there.

    Human nature is very varied so NZ wouldn't be suitable for everyone, but we'll give it a go (if they'll have us) and see how we get on. You don't know until you try.
    Mother Bear

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    Default choice!

    Thats a difficuly one as we all have different views and thought..

    Our own reasons are for being away from the rat race of the UK and crowds.
    We love outdoor life, although living in Surrey was fun.
    I suspect its more to do with settling in another country in your later years and NZ is not unlike UK of old.
    But, there are many pitfalls of mving here and I;m not sure it suits all as many are not happy with earnings and high costs of living and other things that whinging poms could mention,,,,ha
    But, the scenery is breath -taking and to be able to ski after just 3 hours drive.

    However, its hard work and there are lots of hurdles to jump which makes you question the whole idea of living in New Zealand...
    personal preference rules the day

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    No one telling you how to live your life. No one interfering in your everyday decisions. You're treated and respected as an adult and left to get on with the lifestyle you choose. The kiwis complain that it's becoming more of a nanny state but if that's true it has a long way to go before it's anything like in the UK. We don't see it at all.

    The people are wonderful. Most people here have a 'can do' attitude. They are truly of pioneering spirit and welcome initiative. Unlike UK where it's frowned upon (in my experience).

    More temperate climate. When it's summer, it's summer. It might rain but it's still warm. You can plan for the weekend, the next weekend and the next weekend because the chances are you're going to be able to get out and enjoy the country unlike UK when you can't plan 10 minutes ahead.

    Better place for our kids to grow up and more holistic approach to education. Our 'no-hoper' (his teachers words) son is now in the top 10 % of gifted and talented 13 yr olds and being given accelerated classes to push him on. His prolific sporting abilities are being encouraged and coached instead of held back as they were in the UK. 'You can't run in this race Charlie because you have to let somebody else win'. Try telling that to an All Black!

    Very little evidence of a social class system. I can sit next to a multi-million dollar horse trainer in a coffee shop in Cambridge and never know because he'd be in his shorts and boots and singlet with his ute outside just like everyone else.

    Everyday common sense. No frills, no airs and graces, no pretending to be something you're not. Honesty and plain talking are the order of the day.

    And that's just in my first breath
    Passionate about the unfathomableness opportunities of kiwi-a-gogo-land

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    Our main reason for coming was our kids. NZ is a much better place to bring up a family than the UK- for many of the reasons Dawn mentions.

    Jessica is now in her second week at school and has settled in great. One thing that has struck me staight away is that at the end of the day all the kids give their teacher a hug- no way was this allowed in the UK. Yesterday she fell over and grazed her knee, she was sent to the office to have it cleaned and put a plaster on. First I heard was when I picked her up at home time. In the Uk I would probably have got a phone call to come and do it myself or take her home as the teachers aren't allowed to touch the children etc.
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    We leave for NZ in 10 weeks and have spent a weekend in London with Kiwi's who think we are mad for going. (All my husband's school friends as he is a returning Kiwi) They are all single and working in the city with lots of desire for material wealth. We have a son and have spent the last ten years in London and are keen to escape primarily for our two year old son. For us it is about it being (hopefully) the right time in life to move to a quieter and more relaxed way of life. I want to live by the coast and have easy access to the outdoors even though we plan to live in Wellington...don't think this is possible in UK cities as everywhere is very crowded. I am worried about the cost of living as we have a pretty good standard of living financially here but my husband has to spend 3 hours a day commuting which we are keen to stop.

    For me I think you have to be at the right place in your life to make the move, I knew when I first visited NZ that I was not ready but would be when we had kids. As our move draws closer I am concerned about how we will settle but then to stay in UK and never try is not an only live once so even if we only stay a few years it will have been another life experience!

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, nice to know what your'e thinking. I agree with most of the comments and have some thinking to do myself now.

    And Dizzy F........ wise words for sure

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