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    Hi Does anyone know if you have to have an interview applying for sponsorship of a partner to n.z from Canada.
    I am a n.z citizen from 1991 onwards.
    We had subbmitted our forms to Washington d.c.
    We had all the paperwork sent back to us as they wanted more proof of the ongoing relationship and the marriage is still good and true and since I was born in the u.k they wanted me to get a police check done.
    We will send all the paperwork back once we have all the information they need. But just wanted to know if an interview was part of the process in immigration to n.z
    Thanks for any help

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    I have a feeling that the interviews only crop up for the SMC applicants who don't have a job offer, as I don't think I've seen them mentioned anywhere else. Perhaps they aren't necessary for sponsorship visas because the person who is sponsoring you must already have settled in NZ. The interviews are mainly geared to finding out how you intend going about your first months in the country and what you have in mind to find that all-important job. They need to know if you have a plan. With having a sponsor already in NZ they would assume said sponsor would look after you.
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    I would presume you are applying under the Partnership Category in which case there is no interview required. My husband's application under the Partnership Category was processed through Washington DC and he never had an interview.

    My husband received an email last Friday (25th) from his Visa Officer telling him his application for PR had been approved in principle. Today he received a letter from his Visa Officer. The letter contained the exact same information as what was in the email. He sent the Migrant Levy and passport to his Visa Officer today and now we will await the "blue sticker" in his passport.


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