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Thread: National calls business migrant policy a failure

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    Default National calls business migrant policy a failure

    National calls business migrant policy a failure
    5:00AM Thursday July 24, 2008
    By Lincoln Tan

    The business migration policy is a "total failure", says National's immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith, who wants a new management culture to restore credibility at Immigration New Zealand.

    He was speaking at an immigration law conference yesterday, shortly after Immigration Minister Clayton Cosgrove addressed changes to the Immigration Bill, which was reported back to Parliament this week.

    "Change is required to both immigration policy ... and to the very culture within Immigration New Zealand itself," Dr Smith said. "It is also no state secret that the business migrant policy has been a total failure."

    He said National was finalising its immigration policy, which would aim to attract expatriates home, better match immigrants' skills with employment needs and restore confidence in the integrity of Immigration New Zealand.

    Dr Smith said the continuing exodus was one of the biggest worries for this country.

    "More than 80,000 New Zealanders headed overseas permanently in the last 12 months - the second highest ever. The loss to Australia was the highest on record. An estimated 800,000 Kiwis live abroad and it's been reckoned that we lose 32 per cent of our tertiary-trained workforce."

    More here.
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    Labour (the current government) was more interested in getting people that will vote for them (union members and the like). national is more business oriented so will be more interested in helping business and getting business owners.

    How they will change immigration policy I don't know but it won't take but some small changes to have big impact.

    Not trying to scare anyone but just state my thoughts on it.


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