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Thread: any one can help?

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    Question any one can help?

    i am current working in nz, and i am going to apply PR in 2 month, however i went to hospital last week and diagnosed with balanitis and type one diabetes, rather than that i am health as, do u think the immigration will decline my application with unaccepted health or not? called the immigration, the lady answered phone had no idea. refer me to the website, which is helpless.
    is there anyone can help me out, i don't want waste my time and money if immigration is not accepted me health status.

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    I don't know the answer, but if you are waiting two months to apply for PR, perhaps in that time you could document that you have taken steps to ensure you are in the best health possible. Document that you did seek professional guidance on dealing with the diabetes as far as diet, exercise and testing of your blood glucose levels. It could be very important to document every time you test your blood sugar. Keep food journals - anything written that shows you are seriously dedicated to managing this disease may help. Also, the fact that you were diagnosed in New Zealand might help in a way - you were not previously aware of the condition.
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