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Thread: Is DebD still around?

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    Default Is DebD still around?

    Just nosing through some of my old posts in a nostalgic fashion, and came across some lovely posts from Debs - doesn't look like she's been on here for ages, is anyone still in contact with her? Just wondering how her and the family are doing - so if anyone is in contact can they please send her a "Hi" from me and the family? Cheers xxxx

    Maggie xx

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    No Maggie, she's not been on the forum (or even reading it) since Sept. 07. Shame as she was a good poster.

    In my wanderings around the forum I often come across names from the past and wonder how they're doing and where they are now. Sad really, but that's life.

    Perhaps someone on here knows how she's doing.
    Mother Bear

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    I'd had a few PM's from her when they first arrived and then they dwindlled away.

    I suppose it's hard when you first move across to stay on the forum as well.

    Were they on WTR visas or just doing a stint for two years to see how it all went? I cant remember now....


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