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Thread: Real job on working holiday visa?

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    Smile Real job on working holiday visa?

    Hi everyone. I want to come to NZ with my wife on a working holiday visa. I am considering getting a "real" job for at least part of my stay there. I think there is a 6 month limit for any one job while on the working holiday visa, so I might only be able to work my "real" job for that long. I am a mechanical engineer here in the US and I've looked online and seen a good amount of ads for exactly what I do in Auckland and some in Wellington. Do you think people would hire me for 6 months? If I decide I want to keep working at he same place for the whole year, can I apply for a different permit or work my way around the 6 month thing somehow? Also, am I crazy for wanting a real office job? I figure it'd be good experience and pay more than picking fruit...

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    Hi Adam and welcome.

    The main purpose of the WHV is for holidaying, so if you wanted to work for longer you would need to apply for a Work Permit.

    When you’re here
    you must not take up permanent employment (unless you apply for and are granted an ordinary Work Permit while you’re here)

    Whether anyone would take you on in your line of work for just 6 months, I wouldn't like to say - maybe if they had a small project on the go. They may well be looking for someone more permanent to save advertising again later for another person to fill the slot. Had you intended to stay permanently, you would probably have a lot more success. Not all temporary jobs involve picking fruit, so you might be able to pick up something else that suits you if you look around.
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    Prior to getting my PR I was on a 23moth WHV and managed to secure all but one real job during my time there.

    I am pretty sure from memory you are allowed to work for 12months on this visa and this can be in the same company/role as well as I did that with one of my roles, I worked for around 7-8 months in it.

    Company's vary and some as MB said will take you on depending on what Projects they have and budget. Usually short term positions are charged at Contractor/Temp rates which are a tad higher than your permy rates for employees.

    Good Luck with it all!

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