Hi there

I have a question concerning my BA in Bussines Arts. I have just graduated in Austria. I got my BA diploma and even the marks sheets and the diploma supplement in a German and in an English version as well. All my courses are explained with ECTS points. So in Europe it is a fully recognized BA.
I will move to NZ this year and I was just wondering if I should send all this documents to the NZQA for an assessment.
I do not need it for claiming points for the Skilled Migrant Residence, because I am also a nurse so I will use my nursing diploma for that (getting a registered nurse is quiet enough work at the moment...) - I just want to know if companies in NZ ask for my BA to be assessed or if they would also employ me with my european recognized BA. It s a BA of Business Arts with main focus on health management and health promotion.
So anyway I would like to be assessed sometime because I want to my Masters in NZ but first I would like to become resident because then it is cheaper
So long story....But the assessment for being allowed to study is a different one to that one for working, is nt it??hmmm
Maybe somebody has some experience with that issue...would be so grateful!

thanks, anita