New Zealand Residence Programme for 2008/2009
Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The number of places available to migrants under the New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP) is reviewed by Cabinet each year. During the 2008/09 financial year the NZRP will be set at 45,000-50,000 places Ė the same level as last year.

Some 60% of the places available within the NZRP will be filled by skilled and business migrants, 30% will be used to reunite families applying through family categories and 10% will be used for humanitarian purposes and international commitments.

The number of places decided by the Government balances the needs of the labour market, New Zealand's ability to accept new migrants, and our international obligations.

The NZRP makes an important contribution to the skills New Zealand has in its workforce, leading to the growth of the economy. The programme is set in a way that is complementary to New Zealandís temporary immigration policies and wider training and productivity initiatives.

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