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Thread: flight booked , im outta here

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    Talking flight booked , im outta here

    hey Gill in Dundee here

    moving out of my flat tomorrow, so will have no internet connection and thought i would say my goodbyes for the moment. Booked my flights ,I am giving EvaAir a wee shotty, and fly out from London on Wednesday 16th and I arrive in Auckland Friday 18th JUly around midday . My OH will be patiently waiting for me there (only 10 months of waiting) then we drive of to the farm cottage in KatiKati. I cannot believe i am only a week away from New Zealand. So really looking forward to the move and just wanted to say a huge thanks again to everyone who offered me loads of advice during my application. Will let you know how i go once i land !!

    Gill Dundee
    Applied for PR Nov 2007
    Visa Arrived June 2008
    Fly to Auckland July 16th 2008

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    Hope you have a safe journey.
    Nursing Registration sent 5th August 2007
    Job Offer 25th September 2007
    Nursing Registration received 28th December 2007
    Submitted EOI 3rd January 2008 with 150 points
    Selected 17th January 2008
    ITA Received 31st January 2008
    ITA submitted 25th April 2008
    Approved in Principle 3rd May 2008
    Blue Stickers arrived 13th May 2008
    Flights booked for 19th Sept to Christchurch

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    Have a great time, it will all be worth it.


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    Wishing you all the very best, Gill. Have a safe and comfortable flight. Happy days ahead.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    All the best Gill

    Landed in New Zealand 29th jan 2008
    Colin got job offer 21st feb
    Work Permit applied for 3rd march
    Colins work permit received friday 2nd may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010
    My work permit applied for 7th may 2008
    My work permit received 27th may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010

    Arrived back in Scotland 21st July 2009

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    Good Luck Gigi,
    Hitting NI in middle of winter. bummer lol still in bouble figures !!!!!!!

    Not long toll your over here to Nicky
    EOI Submitted 10/04/2007
    EOI Selected 21/04/2007
    ITA Received 20/07/2007
    ITA Sent Lodged 31/08/2007
    Medicals booked 01/08/2007
    Flights booked 22/10/2007
    Visa granted 17/10/2007
    Arrived in NZ 27/10/2007

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