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Thread: flight prices??

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    Default flight prices??

    Thanks for all your lovely comments in reply to my success( still buzzing)
    i was wondering if anyone watches the flight prices , i wanna get out of here(scotland) as soon as my visa comes through maximum 4 weeks away but looking at flight prices , if i was booking up until end of june a one way ticket costs around 500 but 4 weeks away about a grand, does anyone know if the prices of flights come down nearer the time??
    thanks for any advice
    Gill Dundee Scotland.

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    Hi Gill

    In my experience I've found that prices go up the nearer you get to take off, when seats are filling up. I don't know how it is in the UK i.e. whether you can get any late deals, but out here (Middle East) they don't seem to exist.

    The last time we flew to NZ from here our agent recommended we hang on for Malaysian Airlines to bring out their 'special deals'. We waited and waited but by the week of our departure nothing had come through and we ended up paying quite a bit more than if we'd booked at the outset. We were not amused.
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    When we were booking our tickets we were told to try and avoid July & August as the prices ramp up in those months, we managed to get around 500/adult one way for the first week in July, we checked the second week in July and the prices had jumped by about 100/person. Maybe try for the first week in July or check and see if the prices come down again at the beginning of September.

    We used to fly with Malaysian Airlines when they flew direct from Manchester, bad sadly they no longer fly from there, we ended up booking direct with Singapore Airlines as for us they offered the most competitive price flying direct from Manchester.

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